Bassetts vitamins

Bassetts Vitamins is Ernest Jackson’s popular range of delicious vitamin products, specially formulated to help support a healthy lifestyle at all ages and stages. The range is segmented by age, 6-36 months, 3-6, 7-11, 12-18 years and Adults, and is available in deliciously fruity natural flavours and colours, with no added sugar.​

6-36 months

A great-tasting Strawberry liquid multivitamin with no added sugar and natural colours and flavours

3-6 years

Our Bassetts heartland – our re-invented range for 3-6 year olds is focused on the basics for little ones with delicious and familiar flavours

7-11 years

A range of products tailored to the booming 7-11 population, with sophisticated flavours and benefits suitable for little terrors at this age

12-18 years

Our tailored range of teen products focus on key usage drivers for this age group – hormonal balance and mental performance


Delicious vitamins needn’t be just for kids! Our Adult multivitamin covers the basics of immune support, vitality and wellbeing