Dentyl Active

Dentyl Active is a unique range of alcohol free mouthwashes created by dentists to lift plaque and remove bacteria as well as providing lasting breath freshness, with the bits in the sink visible proof that it's working. Each product in today‚Äôs Dentyl Active range incorporates dynamic technology to keep your mouth clean and healthy and your breath fresh. Available for export in 100ml, 250ml and 500ml bottles.

The alcohol free Dentyl range comprises 5 products:

Plaque Fighter Smooth Mint and Plaque Fighter Fresh Clove powerfully lift plaque from teeth and gums while providing long lasting fresh breath.

Enamel Restore contains twice the fluoride of most other every day mouthwashes and helps repair and remineralise teeth to protect from acidic food and drink.

Complete Care Icy Fresh Mint and Complete Care Icy Fresh Cherry give you everything you need to complete your daily oral care regime. Working in 6 ways, the Complete Care products 1) pull bacteria from teeth to help fight plaque 2) control tartar to help maintain healthy gums 3) contain fluoride to help combat cavities and protect teeth 4) kills and removes oral bacteria 5) help retain moisture in your mouth 6) provide long lasting fresh breath with Zabactyl and Menthol.