Snufflebabe is a range of effective decongestants for infants, comprising products that are suitable from birth, designed by doctors and approved by paediatricians; enabling parents to find the relief that's right for their baby.

Snufflebabe Vapour Rub

A gentle and versatile decongestant ointment rub for babies over 3 months which helps to relieve baby’s blocked nose and ease breathing. 24g. Active ingredients are Eucalyptus Oil, Mentol and Thyme Oil. Always read the label.

Snufflebabe Nasal Aspirator

The immediate, effective way to help phsically remove mucus from a baby's nose. Designed by a mother of premature triplets, the Snufflebabe Aspirator lets parents physically clear mucus from their baby's nose via a hygienic suction device.

Snufflebabe Nasal Drops and Spray

Gentle saline for effective relief from nasal congestion. Instant, natural relief that helps wash away pollen, dust, viruses, bacteria and mucus. Available either as Drops, completely sterile and suitable for newborns, or Spray which is great for on-the-go and for wriggly babies.

Snufflebabe Vapour Oil

A gentle blend of lemon, pine and tea tree essential oils that release soothing vapours to help baby breathe clearly and provides antiseptic and antibacterial properties.